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Journey with Equus Issues Urgent Call For Funding To Help It Avoid Relocation

Nonprofit Journey with Equus is issuing an urgent call for help after receiving 60-day notice to vacate from an animal sanctuary that houses more than 70 horses, mules, and donkeys in Elizabeth, Colorado.

“We have officially received a 60-day notice to be out of our facility,” the rescue group stated in a Facebook post. “We either find an angel investor and purchase our facility or find a new home.”

Journey with Equus is a nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk horses, as well as unique healing through horse-human partnered relationships.

“We’re open to all creative possibilities that lets us take care of our herd and do our work,” founder Candice Ensign said.

The owner of the land where the sanctuary is located is deciding to sell in order to move to a new home in Idaho. While the sanctuary says there are no hard feelings, they now have until January 15 to either come up with a solution to keep their existing home or find a safe place to land.

“As you all know we are faced with the potential of having to relocate our herd,” the rescue group added. “Not an easy task in the middle of winter.”

Because the final solution is still up-in-the-air, there isn’t a specific target amount the organization is trying to raise.

For more information on how to help, contact Candice Ensign by phone at 303-517-5856 or email at info@journeywithequus.com. According to Ensign, donations raised are set to go toward whatever final solution is implemented.

This article originally appeared on OutThere Colorado.